Agent Orange: A Crime Story from the Vietnam War:

A blog about the Vietnam War and what Agent Orange is to do with that.

Agent Orange is a highly toxic chemical weapon, first produced by the United States during the Vietnam War. It was used to defoliate the country’s dense jungle and wipe out any resistance to American troops. It is believed that Agent Orange contains dioxin, which is a known carcinogen and considered to be the world’s most toxic chemical. Agent Orange was used on such a large scale that it has been estimated that as many as 3 million people may have been exposed to it.

Agent Orange is one of the most controversial weapons used during the Vietnam War. It has been referenced many times in films and has become an iconic

I hope you found this blog post to be informational in regards to Agent Orange and the problems in Vietnam relating to it. I hope you like the blog post and that it was educational for you. America’s crimes against Vietnam thru Agent Orange is too much that not enough people know about! Share what you can remember to awareness others of war incarceration in Vietnam.

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