Sleeping with a married woman

I have recently found myself in a situation where I am getting to know a married woman on a personal level. She is married to someone else, but she is not happy. She is a very sweet woman, who is looking for love and affection, but she is a bit shy. What makes me think that she is married to someone else is that I recently found out that her and her husband are separated. We started hanging out and she invited me over for dinner and a movie night in her house. I can’t say that I was surprised when her husband showed up as well because her husband and I are friends. The plan was for him to come home later after work and surprise her with his presence. I wanted to make sure that this woman was okay with it all, so I asked her the next day if this was something she wanted to happen or not. We talked about it for a while and decided that it would be best if he just came home at night time like we planned.

This story was told to me by a cousin of mine. She has a neighbour that always fucks her. He only knows her as his next door neighbour wife. She told me that whenever she has to stay back with him in her house, she always wants him to fuck her but he never does. She said that the last time he did it, he wanted to do it quickly and started fucking her forcefully and she started crying .

This is an important topic for women. Some women have issues sleeping with a married man, and other women have no issues. It is important to understand that there are different types of women and different reasons why a married man might be attracted to a woman who has slept with another man. There are some women who are attracted to a married man because they are attracted to his money, his house, his car or his job. Some women are attracted to a married man because they can ‘take advantage’ of his wife. Women can be attracted to a married man who has a lover, or who is already married and cheating on his wife. Some women can be attracted.

I told her it was an accident and lets stop it as its not good for both of us anyday if my wife finds it out it will be a disaster ,she starts talking to me for a week and i go crazy and we end up fighting and it always ends in the deed ! but lately i started feeling bad for her guy who comes to office to pick her up and she treats him badly (as i understand he has some medical issues and he is not good at bed) so she was desperate and it happened and never thought it will continue ! he calls her multiple times she purposely not answering him making him wait outside in the cold and goes down late ,she never picks up the kids from school he runs a business he picksup kids from school and picks her up ! Dont know much whats going on between them !

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