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A motorcycle at this time, whether the latest production or motorcycle with an old output, many have the appearance or look very good and very attractive. the existence of motorcycles circulating in use by motorcycle owners for now, many are cool, slang and good, one of the causes is an item or something called motorcycle striping or motorcycle body plis. It is true that a striping for a motorcycle has the benefit of making it good, making it cool and making a motorcycle look good, attractive and cool. so from that for a striping that is circulating and popular on the market there are very many types and kinds. Of various kinds, the type or shape of a striping or plisir for motorcycles such as striping standard shapes such as factory defaults from motorcycles, striping variations of types with different shapes, striping from scotlet sticker material or cutting stickers made with fashion or creations as desired and many more. And all types of motorcycle striping have their own fans or many enthusiasts in improving or supporting their own or owned motorcycle.
Regarding a striping that is able to provide a good, attractive and make motorcycle look cool, so that from a striping at this time many are made a top priority for motorcycle owners, especially those who prioritize the appearance of their motorcycle. Besides that, from the desire or desire of the market that really craves and the increasing number of consumers of a striping in improving the appearance of motorcycles, this is understood and known by motorcycle manufacturers so that at this time for the latest motorcycles there are various forms or models. striping variant contained therein. And not only that,

For the very many or many types of variants of a striping motorbike that are available and widespread in the market and are widely used by motorcycle owners and the selling price is added to the cost of installation services. as for knowing it is as follows:

A. Type of standard striping from the factory or shaped according to its original form.

on the type of original or standard striping on a motorcycle, namely the factory default striping. In this type of striping, there are also many freely sold in the market and the most famous is the AJS brand. from standard striping with the AJS brand, the market price is around Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 70,000.

B. Types of striping variations or from the type of printing or called striping thaelanan.

For this type of striping, it has special characteristics with cartoon images and other variants or 2-dimensional images, this type of printing is called thaelanan striping. of this type of striping there are those that are specific to certain types of motorcycles or types of striping that can enter or all types of motorcycles. and the price ranges from Rp. 60,000 – Rp. 80,000. In addition, this type of striping can also be determined or ordered according to consumer tastes, of course the price is also different.

C. The type of striping that comes from scotlet sticker material, or cutting sticker.

Striping from scotlet sticker material or cutting sticker is the most popular type of striping which is widely known and has many fans. this is due to the striping of the cutting material in addition to the many color or shape variants that can also be ordered according to the wishes or desires of consumers and can also be used from a scotlet sticker material or cutting sticker to cover the full body of a bicycle motorcycle. As for the general selling price according to the model or in the form of a meter with details of 1 meter, it is around Rp. 60,000 to Rp. 80,000. for what distinguishes the price apart from the shape or model as well as the type of brand and the expensive ones usually have the brand 3 M.

D. The type of striping from the painting.

As for this type of striping, it is usually from a painting result, both plain and graphic models or variations. this type of striping is the most expensive type of striping because it is permanent, strong and durable and usually the price can reach Rp. 200,000 to Rp. 400,000 depending on the type of paint and the drawing mode.

For the owner of a motorcycle, after knowing the types, variants or kinds of motorcycle striping as we mentioned above and if you want to replace or improve the appearance of your motorcycle, the following information is a comparison of the various types of motorcycle striping, including:

A. Types standard striping or factory default or the like which are widely sold freely in the market.

In this type of striping, it is intended for motorcycle owners who like the standard or according to the factory default or do not have a hobby of messing with a motorcycle. and usually this striping is used or installed with the aim of an old striping that has been damaged, scuffed or dull the color has faded so replace it with a new striping which is the same as the manufacturer’s default. And for the steps or methods, you can actually do it yourself to save costs. to do it are as follows:

1. The first step is to prepare the tools, namely:

– hair dryer.

– Cutter.

– Couplers.

– gas lighter.

– Striping.

– duster.

– Sanpoly.

– Eucalyptus oil.

2. Removing or peeling off the old striping. The steps are:

– Prepare a hair dryer or gas lighter then heat the part of the strip to be peeled off until it looks melted or pliable and after that start removing the already melted striping sequentially.

– Use the sharp end of the screw to make it easier to open or open the striping section that has been heated with a hair dryer or gas lighter when it is melted and looks flexible.

– If it is necessary, use a cutter if you find the striping part that has been flexible due to being heated with a hair dryer or gas lighter, but in attitude and taking striping you have difficulty using screws, then use the sharp end of the cutter.

– Use a method such as heating the striping using a hair dryer or gas lighter, if it looks melted or pliable, it’s new in attitude or opened to be taken with screws and then the cutter is pulled out with your fingers.

– After all striping is removed with no residue, the next step is to clean the remaining glue from the strip until it is completely clean and smooth. as for the easier way is to use, sanpoly, eucalyptus oil and a soft cloth to clean it.

And for the next is the method of installing striping on the surface of the body of a motorcycle that has been removed from the old striping and has been clean without residue. The next step is to install the striping of the motorcycle. As for how to install striping motors, both for standard types, the same as those from dealers, as well as striping from scotlet sticker material or cutting stickers, even for striping of the type of printing, variation, thaelanan or striping of 2-dimensional types, it’s basically the same for how to install them. are as follows:

1. The opening step in installing stripin is to open the end of the striping.

2. Paste the end of the striping that has been opened with the paper cover on the surface of the motorcycle body.

3. After the end is attached, then pull back the shoot from a striping, then open the paper cover behind the striping while sticking it with your finger or thumb in sequence and slowly until all the paper opens.

4. If the striping cover paper is successfully opened and all the striping has been pasted, then the next thing to do is smooth or smooth and tidy up the striping. as for the method, it is to open the striping again while being pulled and heated with a hair dryer after it looks flexible and then stick it while stroking it with a screw, do it this way until it looks flat and neat. and if there is a striping surface that is bubbling with air, then pinch the bubble using a cutter and then stroke it and heat it with the available gas lighter.

5. The last thing is to tidy up the unused striping and while still heating it with a gas lighter for a neat and adhesive striping so that it is strong and durable.

That was about the peeling method, changing from striping an old motorbike to a new one, then as mentioned above about the comparison between the types of striping motors that are widely circulated in the market or are very popular today between the standard type of striping, the type of striping printing or thaelanan and the type of striping from scotlet stickers or cutting stickers including:

B. Types of striping from 2-dimensional materials, striping thelanan and types of striping printing.

for the type of striping printing, 2-dimensional and striping thaelanan is a type of striping that can be ordered and as desired and there is also ready-made striping, just plug it in. and for the type of striping that has been finished, both specifically for certain motorcycles and types of striping. All types of motorcycles generally have a price of around Rp. 70,000 to Rp. 80,000. while for models that are as desired, they are usually more popular, especially on the type of 4-wheeled vehicle or car. Of course, it has a more expensive price than other types of striping.

C. Types of striping from scotlet sticker material, cutting sticker.

Regarding this type of striping, this type of striping is currently popular with many enthusiasts, both motorcycle users or types of cars, especially those who have a hobby of modifying this athal, because this type of striping has many types, both from decal, Seiko, pospor, vinyl and many more besides that, there are also many choices of color variants, models and shapes such as carbon, meling color, transparent, orange peel and can light up when exposed to light or light at night. And it can be ordered as desired and also to block the color according to the body’s wishes. that way because the types, shapes and materials vary greatly so that the prices also vary which is adjusted from a striping type of scotlet sticker,

D. The type of striping that is the result of the painting process, such as graphic or air brush.

while for the type of striping which is a type of stiping which also has several types such as graphic striping and air brush striping and others. As for this type of striping, it has very good and durable strength or durability so that it makes the price very expensive and varies which is determined from the design, shape and type of cat desired.

With the information that we have provided regarding striping motorcycles that are popular and widely known to consumers who are owners of a motorcycle, it may be a reference or consideration if you want to replace or make an attractive appearance of your motorcycle that can be adjusted to your abilities and budget. budgeted.

Thus from us for the shortcomings, we apologize and consider it a breeze.

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