Do people with covid become scammers?

I have this theory that IMers that get covid, 5 out of 10 times, they become scammers against their will. Remember when a scammer would tell you he has family issues (dead people/pets) just to buy some time? And then they would suddenly cut all connections. It seems like today most lack creativity and they all get covid when its time to pay or work… What ‘excuses’ have you heard lately that turned out to be fake… or at least suspicions as they ran off with your money/belongings ?

There is a difference between people saying “I got a Covid” with an intention to lie and buy some more time because they are lazy and they have 0 respect for anyone, and people that get Covid for real.

Lazy part, people that might even scam others will go for 2nd excuses, then 3rd, then 4th, and so on in a circle, it’s a never ending circle btw.

Once you hit that point, people should break it down and stop working with them.

When I do any job for other people and I get sick or something is going on in my family, I tell them what is going on with a message that I might take some time off, which is usually just up to few hours.

I use to work with temperatures over 39, having huge problems in the family, etc… Guess what?

I got paid to finish the job, if I can stand on my feet and if I can sit on my chair, I am good for work so I will just continue working on it.

No one was pushing me ever, it was all my own call to continue working.

Once people start making excuses, it’s never going to end well, remember that.

Of course, I mean on those that will come up with a new excuse every single week.

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