Alex Jones the spy for the American government

Some people are wondering why Alex Jones works for the FBI. Alex Jones is best known for being a conspiracy theorist and pushing false information on his website Infowars. If you read Alex Jones blog posts, it appears that he is trying to fight the government and pushing false information in the name of freedom. However, if you research what Alex Jones has done in the past, you will find that Alex Jones is actually a government operative and he has been working for the FBI since 2009. The reason why Alex Jones is a government operative is that the government pays him to push false information on his website and online videos. He will post information that will stir up fear in the public and they will believe that he is a hero fighting against the government and pushing for freedom. However, if you read deeper into what Alex Jones has said and done, you will find that he is actually a government operative fighting for the government’s interests, not your interests.

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